Ancient health secrets revealed for you and your family

Biosy is an innovative method based on ancient principles. Low heat from special disposable capsules is transmitted to specific body points (like acupoints) at precisely calculated time intervals, the procedure is managed by an Internet service, which enables successful home treatment.

How does it work?
Biosy synchronizes the activity of the body various systems and activates the hidden resources.
The success of treatment is achieved by a precisely calculated sequence of procedures, carried out at special time intervals, through low thermal impact on key body points.
טיפול במיגרנה | BioSy
Is the treatment different for each disorder?

There is a separate treatment program for different disorders. It forms an individual treatment plan for each user.

What’s included in the Biosy Home Kit?
The Kit includes disposable consumable parts for the entire course of treatments (3-8 procedures) and an ID for the Internet service. The frequency of the treatment is once every 2-3 days. The duration of each procedure is 15-20 minutes.
Biorhythmic Synchronization Method

BioSy method is based on impact to specific key points (similar points used in acupuncture) on the human body in fixed order and, that is most important, in precisely calculated time intervals.

The time factor determines the specific effects of treatment, involving hidden reserves in the recovery process. BioSy Treatment ensures success even in cases that modern medicine considers hopeless. Method showed thousands of positive outcomes without side effects and perfectly combined with conventional medicine.

Sophisticated personalized treatment from BioSy based on ancient secret knowledge, reinterpreted with modern science and upgraded modern technology, implemented in a “Personal Practitioner”.

Anyone can use the treatment in the comfort of home, having the procedures in the most favorable time, without visiting a highly paid professional. Low thermal radiation impact is safe and does not need any practitioner for the procedure.


BioSy Int Ltd medical hardware and software company provides a series of treatment solutions based on the restored lost ancient secrets of Chinese Medicine, processed on the basis of modern Control Theory.

BioSy (Biorythmic Synchronization Treatment) is the end result of more than 20 years of scientific research, engineering and program’s development.

Frequently asked Questions
The method is based on heat impact on specific points (similar to acupuncture points) by means of heating Biosy capsules according to an individual program for each user, taking into account the time of the procedures and individual treatment protocol after questionnaire (for some programs).

To enter your account you need to use the ID provided with the kit. A detailed guide is included, and an online service will help you at all stages of the treatment.

As a rule, one set is enough to achieve the desired effect. The effect of the treatment can last from months to years, affecting different people in different ways). Often, additional treatment is not required at all. For some diseases, it is recommended to periodically repeat the course of Biosy procedures.

After registration (and the questionnaire in some cases), you shall get an entrance to your personal Internet program, showing the detailed localization of the points for placing the capsules with the use of written instructions and animated films.

The program offers several time options for each procedure, from which you can choose the one that suits best your schedule.
The standard set is designed for 8 procedures, which are usually performed in one month. Some programs (e.g. Jet Lag, Low Back Pain, Relieve Stress) are designed only for three procedures.