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Formally, the BioSy method relates to alternative medicine. However, according to the use instructions, it is more similar to over the counter pharmacy medications or devices, which are purchased from the pharmacist and used independently following the enclosed user instructions, without the need of a doctor’s presence during the procedure.

In contrast to Acupuncture, BioSy is not based on the manipulation of hypothetical energy flows in the meridian’s system.

The method is based on the incorporation of holistic (with respect to the meridian system) rhythmic cycles. These cycles over time, are associated with more complex rhythms than daily rhythms, seasonal, etc., used in known methods Chinese medicine.

The role of these controlled cycles, in simple terms, relatively corresponds to the role of automated service systems (similar to adjusting the car’s systems, such as the ignition phase by special service computer).

Usually. the use of the time interval factor in the Chinese treatment features higher qualification of the doctor.

In general, the use of the time intervals factor was limited, to a maximum, daily or seasonal rhythm.

Moreover, even their usage gave the doctor a serious problem, as the doctor had to be near the patient in a particular time, which usually does not coincide with the time of the patient’s visit. According to ancient legends , such a luxury could be afforded only by a doctor of the emperor.

All these sophisticated methods, manual adjusted with hypothetical streams of living energy, are required to prevent from over- or under dose on of hypothetical system of acupuncture meridians (system of energy communicating vessels).

It took several decades for the highest level experts to study of these methods. (manual management).

BioSy, in addition to the above-described Acupuncture, provides another level of secret knowledge, the practical use of which has little historical evidence.

This knowledge came to us in the form of partial fragments, some of which were not related to medicine. For example – Yijing (the ancient practice of fortune telling). It was the basis of the Leibniz achievements in mathematics (his correspondence with the Jesuits in China).

Ancient medicine manuscript contained references to the use of more complex and incredibly effective system of biorhythms, lost on a long historical path.

In relation to this system, the standard meridian’s Acupuncture acted as a primitive level of therapy in manual mode. BioSy, based on ancient secret knowledge, reinterpreted this ancient knowledge with modern scienceand upgraded modern technology.

BioSy operates in automatic mode and reaches powerful clinical effects from simple procedures.

The BioSy method is based on the resonance effect between the internal rhythms of the human organism and the external natural rhythms. This is in contrast to the well-known methods of regulating the flow of “vital energy”, used in classical Chinese medicine. The biorhythmic synchronization treatment operates the human powerful self-regulation mechanism, which is a kind of intelligent “service system”. Active points on the human body are like the computer’s keyboard. To activate a desired “service program”, it is necessary to press the desired key sequence in carefully calculated time intervals. “Service programs” correct malfunctions in the body. As a result, the body systems enter a state of harmonious interaction between themselves and the environment. By stimulating special key points at specific time intervals it is possible to:
  • Normalize metabolism
  • Strengthen the function of endocrine and sexual glands
  • Harmonize the work of all body systems
  • Slowing down physical changes connected with the aging process
Strengthen the ability to resist the effects of disturbing factors (internal and external), etc.
The method is not only well combined with conventional medicine, but also designed on the same principle, that is obvious from the list of offered programs:
  • Menopausal Syndrome (hot flashes, sweating, insomnia, depressive mood, irritability, bladder problems, sexual dissatisfaction, etc).
  • Rejuvenation program – appearance improvement, weight management, etc.
  • Libido and Sexual Enhancer (for both men and women)
  • Menstrual Disorders (irregular or painful menstruation, etc.)
  • Diabetes (Treatment and Preventive)
  • Bladder Disorders (Overactive Bladder and other)
  • IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Prostate disorders (Preventive and treatment of enlarged prostate)
  • Migraine
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome
BioSy relies on the same principles as conventional medicine medication – it is easy to use, and accessible to everyone (not only for VIPs).

The method has no age restrictions, but specific programs targeted at different age groups. For example, a girl suffering from painful menstruation do not have to worry about menopause syndrome and vice versa.

Rejuvenation program may be of interest not only to those who are already suffering from age-related diseases, stress faced by people of any age, and diabetes (especially its prevention), unfortunately, has no age restrictions.

Prevention of diseases that should be the main direction of our actions on health preservation. But human nature is such that care about the health we begins after problems arise.

According to legend, the Chinese emperor doctor received constant payment only if his royal patient was healthy and active. If the emperor had health problems payment stopped – pay for health rather than disease treatment.

The BioSy carries out preventive maintenance for a lot of not yet manifested diseases and prevents unwanted development of existing ones.

The method allows in many cases to prevent the manifestation of such diseases as age-related changes in prostate, Type II diabetes, to completely avoid or reduce the painful symptoms of menopause.

Those who are exposed to a strong stress recommended to perform preventive treatment of depression or post-traumatic syndrome, in order to avoid the consequences of long-term negative effects of stress.

All programs have the potential to prevent and mitigate age-related changes and the effects of adverse external factors.

The BioSy user often does not notice the elimination of some not yet identified health problems. The principle of operation directed to synchronizing the operation of the whole organism, which provides an overall positive effect from any special programs.

Recommended to use BioSy Treatment if not constant, then periodically for prevention, as the body needs to synchronize the operation of its systems with each other and with Nature.

Sometimes a patient may feel the positive effect (disappearance of the painful symptoms) after the first procedure, in other cases – the result appears in full after the whole course of treatment.

In any case, it is not advised to interrupt treatment at the beginning (after subjective improvement).

And always make sense for prevention.

Until today, no side effects were reported. In any case, it never hurts to consult a doctor (for example, to clarify the diagnosis).

In any event, one should not neglect conventional medicine, particularly in situations requiring urgent intervention for diagnosis (need to avoid that error – sometimes wrong diagnosis can lead to loss of time).

Conventional medicine, aimed at treating existing manifestations of the disease, uses as the main method the substitution of disturbed body functions (e.g. injected into the body chemical analog of component, production of which reduces by the body due to illness). Such an approach mostly forces result of losing the ability to independently produce that component..

The BioSy works exactly the opposite way – it restores the body’s ability to support vital functions, restoring the functionality of individual organs and their harmonious interaction.

Therefore, the BioSy is able to provide rehabilitation for the body after intensive treatment of conventional medicine.

In fact, the practical aspect of the method presented in the programs does not contain any secrets of the method, or even know-how. This is only the outer side of a complex knowledge, which cannot be expressed in simple language or naked mathematical formulas.

By the way, even more simple (in relation to the BioSy) manual control system via interrelated flows of living energy through the meridian system described by quite complicated algorithmic language. On mastering whole system of this knowledge takes more than a dozen years for advanced professionals.

It is surprising, but the method of automatic control is the result of more than 30 years of work on the creation of software tools for sophisticated manual adjustment hypothetical streams of living energy on the basis of the restored ancient secrets.

Over time, we realized that the relationship with the meridian system of acupuncture points (through which flows a hypothetical living energy) to the human body, similar to the relationship service system to complicated mechanism.

Come to understand that the energy terminology forced the need to describe the work of complex mechanism available to imaginative perception. The concept of energy, in the representation of modern science, may be misleading because it does not refer to energy processes, but rather to information. Energy is the measure of motion. In a more general sense, it is a measure of change. In a living organism this “change of changes”. The transition from the concept of “living energy” to the concept of “control” and “management” has led, eventually, to understanding the principles of automatic service system.

The results exceeded all expectations – it was possible to create a system that shows results better than the sophisticated manual regulation, which opened the prospect to create consumer goods, superior to any individual VIP product.

“BioSy Personal kit for home use” is realization of this possibility.

You must have a “BioSy Personal Kit for Home Use”, internet access from any device, and diagnosis from family doctor or a specialist (in the case of specific problems).

For any kind of prevention, rejuvenation, longevity, increase sexuality and vitality, one does not need a doctor’s diagnosis. Actually, the method has no contraindications and limitations, and the diagnosis is necessary not to make a decision about the BioSy treatment, but to avoid loss of time if you condition requires conventional emergency treatment.

The method does not seek to replace conventional medicine – Biosy is a distinct addition to necessary, but sometimes over-intensive, conventional treatment.