Biosy for BPH (preventive and treatment of prostate disorders)

Promotes the healthy functioning of the "second heart" of every man (prostate)

Biosy is 21st Century Kit for home use. This noninvasive safe treatment is based on stimulation of local points (similar to Acupoints) at precisely calculated time intervals. Time of procedure is the main ancient secret: “how to achieve the limit of youth and longevity”. Biosy involves the hidden reserves of the body in recovery process. Biosy is affordable and user friendly for you. The Kit for Home Use includes set of low heating capsules designed to stimulate key points by personal treatment protocol with a help from Internet service.
Rejuvenates the prostate
Promotes Sexual Potency
Reduces night trips to the toilet after the first procedures
Prevents and suspends age-related prostate changes


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100% natural
Safe to use
No side effects
100% natural
Made in Israel
The Kit for home use contains a set of disposable capsules for performing procedures under the supervision of on an Internet program. Biosy is 21st Century treatment without invasive intervention. Like acupuncture, this treatment is carried out through local stimulation of body points, but at precisely calculated specific time intervals. After the questionnaire, a personal treatment protocol is generated for each user. The program helps to localize points using detailed instructions and animated films, offers several time options for the procedure (giving the choice to make the treatments at suitable for you times) tp, while the low thermal effect on a key point provides the treatment effect, controls the sequence of procedures and maintains the required pause between procedures.

The use is very simple.

Register using the ID from the Biosy Home Kit, note your symptoms in the questionnaire and the program forms personalized treatment protocol suitable specifically for you.

Next, follow the instructions of the program (Internet service), choosing the time for the procedure (suitable for your schedule) from the offered options.

Localize the trigger points with instructions and animated films.
Using capsules in a selected time, apply on the points with weak heat in the indicated sequence (as a rule, these are two pairs of points on the arms and legs, sometimes one or two points). In general, impact to one pair of points is required within 5-12 minutes.

After the end of the procedure, make a note in the program about its completion and the service will provide you with information about the next procedure and time intervals.

The program monitors the correct sequence of procedures and compliance with the necessary intervals between them.

(BPH )Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia( – benign enlargement of the prostate
The prostate – the second man’s heart. This is often called the prostate gland, emphasizing its importance for a strong half of mankind. It is also said that the form of this organ in its normal condition resembles a heart.

Second man’s heart
During puberty the prostate reaches the size of a walnut, and provides substance which is much needed for sexual function. With age, the prostate can grow and reach the size of a lemon, and even bigger. Enlarged prostate gland starts to put pressure on the urethra and bladder. That also weakens and causes elasticity loss of urinary bladder muscles, which are the main reasons for disorders of urination process that typical for elderly males. However, nowadays, age threshold of male who face such problems dropped to 30 years of age and even below.
According to the latest data, 80% of males aged above 40 have increased prostate, and only 5% of males above 70 manage to avoid that.

General health men’s state indicator
The peculiarities of anatomical structure of the prostate and its blood supply constitute a reason for stagnant phenomena and development of inflammatory processes – prostatites. These diseases may be both infectious and non-infectious. Even monks might have prostatitis.
The prostate diseases have a very negative impact on the general health state of men, making them short-tempered and preoccupied only by their own feelings. As a rule, erection problems appear.

Fortunately, human body have considerable amount of resources for recovery that sustain the necessary balance of vital functions. Naturally, the body is able to apprehend controlled influences that recover functions of particular organs and, what is no less important, their harmonious interaction. In case the male suffers from prostate diseases, he has to stop the negative development of processes, recover the lost functions, and improve the ability of the organism to resist age-related changes and infections.

BIOSY is not just a treatment for symptoms, but a harmonization of all biological processes in the body. This eliminates the underlying cause of the disease. Unlike drugs that address only the physical symptoms, BIOSY treats the body as a whole. Biosy acts through key points of the body at precisely calculated intervals, achieving synchronization of the body’s internal rhythms with the rhythms of Nature. Weak heat from the capsule is safe. Home Treatments are easily performed by the user without any side effects. In situations where traditional medicine fails to achieve the desired improvement, BIOSY succeeds.