Biosy Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

Synchronization of body systems improves health in all types of diabetes and prediabetes

Biosy is 21st Century Kit for home use. This noninvasive safe treatment is based on stimulation of local points (similar to Acupoints) at precisely calculated time intervals. Time of procedure is the main ancient secret: “how to achieve the limit of youth and longevity”. Biosy involves the hidden reserves of the body in recovery process. Biosy is affordable and user friendly for you. The Kit for Home Use includes set of low heating capsules designed to stimulate key points by personal treatment protocol with a help from Internet service.
In case of a Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) type II, there is a possibility to achieve a considerable or even full restoration, and in case of IDDM type I – there is a considerable improvement of various body systems activity, preventing the most severe complications.


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The Kit for home use contains a set of disposable capsules for performing procedures under the supervision of on an Internet program. Biosy is 21st Century treatment without invasive intervention. Like acupuncture, this treatment is carried out through local stimulation of body points, but at precisely calculated specific time intervals.

After the questionnaire, a personal treatment protocol is generated for each user. The program helps to localize points using detailed instructions and animated films, offers several time options for the procedure (giving the choice to make the treatments at suitable for you times) tp, while the low thermal effect on a key point provides the treatment effect, controls the sequence of procedures and maintains the required pause between procedures.

The use is very simple.

Register using the ID from the Biosy Home Kit, note your symptoms in the questionnaire and the program forms personalized treatment protocol suitable specifically for you.

Next, follow the instructions of the program (Internet service), choosing the time for the procedure (suitable for your schedule) from the offered options.

Localize the trigger points with instructions and animated films.
Using capsules in a selected time, apply on the points with weak heat in the indicated sequence (as a rule, these are two pairs of points on the arms and legs, sometimes one or two points). In general, impact to one pair of points is required within 5-12 minutes.

After the end of the procedure, make a note in the program about its completion and the service will provide you with information about the next procedure and time intervals.

The program monitors the correct sequence of procedures and compliance with the necessary intervals between them.

In case of a Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) type II, there is a possibility to achieve a considerable or even full restoration, and in case of IDDM type I – there is a considerable improvement of various body systems activity, preventing the most severe complications.

BioSy for different types of diabetes
As diabetes is known as the disease influences, practically, all systems of the human body, its late complications are various and time progressive. The body systems act in an abnormal mode and also occurs the disturbance of their interaction in the maintenance of life processes.
Fortunately, the human body has rather considerable resources for restoration and maintenance of necessary balance of vital function. It is capable to perceive the operating influences restoring working capacity of separate organs and what is not less important, their harmonious interaction.

Any illness, especially systemic, such as diabetes, is interpreted, on chronobiology approach, as disalignment of external and internal biological rhythms. By influencing on special key-points in certain sequence and, the most important, during precisely calculated time, it is possible to achieve an inclusion of mechanisms of the self-regulation process in the human body.

The ability of an organism to restore the lost functions by itself, only with simple application of the precisely correct stimulating influence, is really amazing. Practically any patient is capable to achieve a considerable improvement.

About application in case of Diabetes Type II, it is possible to achieve considerable or even full restoration and in case of diabetes of type I – is possible to achieve a considerable improvement of various body systems condition, preventing worsening and severity of complications.

One of the important features of BioSy method is that it can be held by anyone, unprofessional or even unprepared person, by himself, only with a guidance of computer software. The safe switching of the key- points is carried out by weak thermal influence. Using of BioSy, under the guidance of the personal computer is ideal combined with constant control of glucose maintenance in blood and other parameters observed by medical nurse or the family physician, which can reduce or completely cancel usage the oral hypoglycemic agents and/or other preparations. Such an approach yields the maximum effect as the method restores the ability of an organism to provide functioning without chemical preparations or with their limited use.

Diabetes – is known as one of the most widespread diseases of the modern world. It is considered, that, taking into account not yet diagnosed cases.

“Diabetes”, is actually understood as a group of diseases. In all cases, the mean level of glucose in blood is raised. Glucose is necessary for energy delivery into the cells. Glucose is being delivered into the cells, by regulation of the insulin hormone, which is necessary for this process. It carries out a role of the key, unlocking a cellular wall and passing glucose inside the cell. If there is any disturbance of insulin secretion, glucose does not penetrate into the cell and accumulates in blood serum, so cells do not receive the necessary energy supply.

Diabetes occurs in two types:
Insulin-dependent diabetes, Type I
This type of diabetes is caused by pancreas defeat – the insulin producing organ. Insulin in these cases is absent in blood serum or it is found out in minimal quantities. This type of diabetes usually develops at young age and requires in insulin introduction to the body cells from the outside. This type of diabetes affects 10-15 % of all diabetes patients. The others – are, most probably, suffer from diabetes of II type.

Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, Type II
In this case, the pancreas works normally, insulin level in blood serum is normal or raised, but despite this, glucose still does not penetrate into the cells.

That is, when for unknown reason, the cell “keyhole”, does not allow a key-insulin, to open the “door” for glucose delivery into the cell.

Sometimes, insulin is produced in insufficient quantity or inappropriate quality. In any case, glucose level increase in blood is observed. Unlike a diabetes of I type, the cell glucose acquirement varies in different kinds of cells, therefore the severity of the symptoms is lower and the patient, most probably, does not suspect about the disease for a long time.

Traditional treatment for diabetic patients includes a low-carbohydrate diet and insulin resistance correction, using oral pills
Sometimes, in cases of an exhaustion of a pancreas, insulin injection is prescribed.

In order to make any change of the treatment protocol or in a dosage of any medication, the physician should be involved.

BIOSY is not just a treatment for symptoms, but a harmonization of all biological processes in the body. This eliminates the underlying cause of the disease. Unlike drugs that address only the physical symptoms, BIOSY treats the body as a whole. Biosy acts through key points of the body at precisely calculated intervals, achieving synchronization of the body’s internal rhythms with the rhythms of Nature. Weak heat from the capsule is safe. Home Treatments are easily performed by the user without any side effects. In situations where traditional medicine fails to achieve the desired improvement, BIOSY succeeds.
Suffered from diabetes for 13 years, using insulin for the past 4 years. In the past year his creatinine level increased to 2.8. Used the BioSy the treatment for 4 months and saw steady improvement of his general condition, reduction of creatinine levels to 1.4, and the reduction of insulin by 6 units in the morning and 8 units in the evening. He continues with the treatment according to the BioSy program.

After glycogen test and reported symptoms of increased thirst, urination, weight loss, patient was hospitalized

  • With test results of 604 mmol/L, HbA1C – 13.7
  • Diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and started Insulin injections.
  • Three days later started BioSy treatment. Glycogen levels decreased which allowed the insulin injections to be decreased as well.
  • Glycogen measurements stabilized on the level of
    • 100-120 mmol/L – morning
    • 65-80 mmol/L – before lunch
    • 100-120 mmol/L – before sleeping
  •  A month after diagnosis the Insulin injections were stopped
  •  Three months after diagnosis test showed HbA1с – 6.7
  • Five months after diagnosis test showed HbA1с – 6.1
  • Glycogen tests were done 6 times a day
  • After 7 months glycogen levels were below 100 mmol/L before the meals and all day

The patient did three rounds of BioSy treatments, and no longer needed to be on a restricted diet of Carbohydrates

Hospitalized with diagnostics,
C.V.A. – Stroke
Diplopia – Double vision
Arterial Hypertension – Over blood pressure
Diabetes type 2
C.R.F. – Chronic renal failure

Tests results:

  • LD – 212/100
  • Glycogen – 327 mmol/L
  • HbA1C – 11.6%
  • Creatinin – 1.6 mg/dl

Follow-up tests validated the presence of type II diabetes, which was not diagnosed for at least one year prior to hospitalization. Two weeks later prescription recommendations were: NORVASC 10mg x1/d, TRITACE 5mg x1/d, PLAVIX 75mg x1/d, SIMOVIL 20mg x1/d, INSULIN LANTUS 14 units x 1/d, NOVONORM 1mg x 3/d, NORMALOL 12.5mg x1/d.

After hospitalization glycogen levels were160-170 mmol/L with drug treatment. Two days later patient started the BioSy treatment for diabetes. Blood pressure and glycogen was measured every day. After two weeks of treatment indicators measured were: LD 135/85, Glycogen 120-140 mmol/L, HbA1C 6.2

At that point the physician stopped Insulin treatment and suggested continued daily measurements.

A month after the BioSy treatment was begun the patient was able to stop all drug treatments. After 3 months of BioSy treatment the following results were documented Glycogen: morning – 105-115 mmol/L ; evening – 90-100mmol/L. Patient continues to be followed up by a physician and continues to be treated by BioSy.

For the last 13 years has been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and for the past 4 years has been injecting insulin. Although drug treatment and controlled diet did not succeed in stabilizing glycogen. Specifically, every small change of diet increased the glycogen to 300 mmol/L. In addition over the past year there was an upward trend in blood creatinine rateto 2.8 mg/dl. 

After 4 months of BioSy treatment, creatinine levels feel to 1.4 mg/dl.

Based on clinical data from the patient’s physician, he noted decreased insulin volume up to 6 units in the morning and 8 in evening. Usual glycogen rates are in the range of 110-125 mmol/L. Patient is continuing with BioSy treatment.

“I am suffering from Type II Diabetes for 9 years. I take 3 pills a day. With great doubt and disbelief I decided to try the BioSy method. I had nothing to lose, I thought to myself. And so I have performed all the treatments, by putting the treatment on my arms and legs at the times prescribed by the program. It took only 4 treatments with an interval of 2-3 days, to see a tremendous change. During that month the test results were as follows: in the mornings – instead of 130-140 (on an empty stomach) no more than 101-106; after dinner (2 hours later) now it is 89-120 instead of 160-220.

Previously I had to follow a strict diet, excluding all the products containing sugar. Now I eat fruits every day, including figs, peaches and nectarines. I have never allowed myself to eat these items for a long time. Now it does not influence the sugar concentration. My general state of health has been considerably improved. I feel more energetic, and my mood has gotten better as well. I am now consulting with the physician and I hope to reduce the consumption of the pills or to eliminate them completely. 

Patient is suffering from diabetes for 18 years, and has used insulin for 12 years, and has had non-healing trophic ulcers of the shanks for the past 2 years. She used the BioSy program for 6 months and saw steady healing of trophic ulcers, reduction of insulin dosage, along with improvement of her general condition.
Has suffered from diabetes for 1.5 years. For the last 6 months he was on a strict diet, and then his doctor prescribed the GLIBEN pill in the morning (5 mg). His sugar level was stabilized, but the slightest breach of his diet regimen lead to a sugar level increase, which takes several days to be stabilized. After 3 months of BioSy treatment, the need for pills was eliminated; the sugar level in the blood stabilized at normal levels. He still follows the diet, but not at such strict levels as before. He continues with the treatment of BioSy program.