How does the BioSy capsule work?

The way to achieve the limit of youth and longevity naturally

Home Treatment Kit

Sophisticated personalized treament from BioSy involves hidden reserves of the body in recovery process

  • Anyone can use the treatment in the comfort of home, having to procedures in the most favorable time
  • BioSy offers solutions for health problems inaccessible to other methods of medicine
  • BioSy has no side effects
Home Treatment Kit

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Biorhythmic Synchronization Method

BioSy method is based on impact to specific key points (similar points used in acupuncture) on the human body in fixed order and, that is most important, in precisely calculated time intervals.

The time factor determines the specific effects of treatment, involving hidden reserves in the recovery process. BioSy Treatment ensures success even in cases that modern medicine considers hopeless. Method showed thousands of positive outcomes without side effects and perfectly combined with conventional medicine.

Sophisticated personalized treatment from BioSy based on ancient secret knowledge, reinterpreted with modern science and upgraded modern technology, implemented in a “Personal Practitioner”.

Anyone can use the treatment in the comfort of home, having the procedures in the most favorable time, without visiting a highly paid professional. Low thermal radiation impact is safe and does not need any practitioner for the procedure.


BioSy Int Ltd medical hardware and software company provides a series of treatment solutions based on the restored lost ancient secrets of Chinese Medicine, processed on the basis of modern Control Theory. Main field – improving the quality of women life, including menopause.

BioSy (Biorythmic Synchronization Treatment) is the end result of more than 20 years of scientific research, engineering and program’s development.