Covid 19 and Biosy

The global epidemic will change medical culture forever.

Leading flowing trends:

Remote treatment technologies
Treatment methods based on the concept of the body as a holistic information system
Why are these two approaches, on which the Biosу method is based, so important for humanity in the era of global epidemics? What lesson did the coronavirus epidemic give us?

The body is made up of billions of cells working as a unit. The work of this community of cells is controlled by a single DNA program. The virus is introduced into this program, forcing cells to work for “enemy’s” needs.

The ability to resist the disease depends on the immune system. On a global scale, the creation of a specific vaccine is a cardinal decision against a specific virus and cannot be replaced by anything else.

Immunity (the ability to recognize and respond to intrusions) can be innate and adaptive. Some infected, mostly young people, may not even notice virus, since their ability to adapt is high.

The harmonious work of the body systems (its ability to adapt) is the background for sufficient protective immune response. Synchronizing the functioning of body systems is the Biosy principle. Biosy program enhances the ability to respond harmoniously to challenges by strengthening adaptive mechanisms. Not being a direct method of treating a virus (such as a vaccine), the method allows you to respond to the disease as a younger organism reacts, reducing the possibility of irreparable loss and contributing to faster recovery.

But the method has a significantly greater effect for the consequences of the global epidemic, which are no less dangerous than the virus itself, as a social phenomenon that violates the usual rhythm of life, forcing isolation, a change in lifestyle, etc.

Stress from fear of coronavirus, increasing depression, post-traumatic effect, strengthening the prerequisites for various kinds of systemic diseases (for example, type 2 diabetes), diseases associated with accelerated aging (for example, earlier onset of menopause), insomnia, decreased libido, etc. – these consequences of the epidemic and lifestyle violations can be eliminated or mitigated using the Biosy.

Everyone needs at least one course of the Biosy Antistress (out of only three procedures) or take advantage of more comprehensive programs for the prevention or treatment of Depression, Post-Traumatic syndrome, insomnia, menopause syndrome, Rejuvenation, Diabetes, prevention and treatment of Prostate diseases and Libido enhance, etc.

  • Biosy can provide individual VIP services without the need for dangerous contacts
  • Biosy Home Kit delivered to your door
  • Biosy Personal Treatment managed by an Internet service


Biosy harmonizes the work of body systems, achieving the maximum of its ability to adapt not only to the attack of the virus, but also the whole complex of social shocks. These unnoticed consequences of the epidemic can have a much larger scale of health loss over time for humanity, but can be prevented by simple and safe Biosy procedures.

100% natural
Safe to use
No side effects
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