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IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Sophisticated personalized treament from BioSy involves hidden reserves of the body in recovery process.
Anyone can use the treatment in the comfort of home, having to procedures in the most favorable time
BioSy offers solutions for health problems inaccessible to other methods of medicine
BioSy has no side effects


Free shipping

100% natural
Safe to use
No side effects
Made in IsraeL

The Kit for home use contains a set of disposable capsules for performing procedures under the supervision of on an Internet program. Biosy is 21st Century treatment without invasive intervention. Like acupuncture, this treatment is carried out through local stimulation of body points, but at precisely calculated specific time intervals.

After the questionnaire, a personal treatment protocol is generated for each user. The program helps to localize points using detailed instructions and animated films, offers several time options for the procedure (giving the choice to make the treatments at suitable for you times) tp, while the low thermal effect on a key point provides the treatment effect, controls the sequence of procedures and maintains the required pause between procedures.

The use is very simple.

Register using the ID from the Biosy Home Kit, note your symptoms in the questionnaire and the program forms personalized treatment protocol suitable specifically for you.

Next, follow the instructions of the program (Internet service), choosing the time for the procedure (suitable for your schedule) from the offered options.

Localize the trigger points with instructions and animated films.
Using capsules in a selected time, apply on the points with weak heat in the indicated sequence (as a rule, these are two pairs of points on the arms and legs, sometimes one or two points). In general, impact to one pair of points is required within 5-12 minutes.

After the end of the procedure, make a note in the program about its completion and the service will provide you with information about the next procedure and time intervals.

The program monitors the correct sequence of procedures and compliance with the necessary intervals between them.

BIOSY is not just a treatment for symptoms, but a harmonization of all biological processes in the body. This eliminates the underlying cause of the disease. Unlike drugs that address only the physical symptoms, BIOSY treats the body as a whole. Biosy acts through key points of the body at precisely calculated intervals, achieving synchronization of the body’s internal rhythms with the rhythms of Nature. Weak heat from the capsule is safe. Home Treatments are easily performed by the user without any side effects. In situations where traditional medicine fails to achieve the desired improvement, BIOSY succeeds.

“I had a constant problem with my stomach, since the age of 10. Depending on the season, I would have a strong stomach ache at nights or in the early mornings. I have seen a number of doctors, but no one could give a clear diagnosis or offer me a cure. They would send me for a lot of medical tests, after which everyone would give their own interpretation of my illness. Most of them agreed that this was gastritis. As a result, I was prescribed a number of pills; some of them would only temporarily relieve the pain, and some would not help at all.

Then one of my friends suggested that I try BioSy. At first, I was very skeptical. I simply laughed at it because I did not believe that such an easy cure was possible. About a week after I learned about BioSy, I had a terrible stomachache again. That was the day that I decided that I should try this method as a treatment for gastritis.
It’s been a really long time since that day. I have not had a problem with my stomach since then. I can now go to bed without fear of waking up with a strong stomach ache. This is a new and wonderful feeling!”