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Overactive Bladder (OAB)

$76.00 $55.00

Shipping Included

Sophisticated personalized treament from BioSy involves hidden reserves of the body in recovery process

  • Anyone can use the treatment in the comfort of home, having to procedures in the most favorable time
  • BioSy offers solutions for health problems inaccessible to other methods of medicine
  • BioSy has no side effects

The kit includes a personal user password to connect to the online service as well as a package of disposable heating devices.
The software helps locate the therapeutic points, manages and scedules all the activities under convenient conditions at home.
No knowledge or experience in Chinese medicine is required in order to enjoy the many benefits of this treatment.

100% natural
Not tested on animals
Safe to use
Made in Israel


General description:
BioSy method is based on impact to specific key points (similar points used in acupuncture) of the human body in fixed order and, which is most important, in precisely calculated time intervals. By stimulating key points at specific time intervals it is possible to:
Normalize metabolism
Strengthen the function of endocrine and sexual glands
Slow down the physical changes connected with aging process
Harmonize the functioning of all body systems
The biorhythmic synchronization treatment triggers the powerful self-regulation human mechanism, which is a kind of intelligent “service system”.

Heat hypersensitivity
Open wounds in the area designated for treatment
Active bleeding
Inflammatory processes with high body fever.

About a 1.5 hour before and after the procedure do not make a shower or any skin contact with water
About a 1.5 hour before and 1 hour after the procedure do not eat.
About a 1.5 hour before and after the procedure do not perform any physical effort or exercise
On the day of the procedure do not drink any alcoholic drinks.
Do not perform the procedure while sleeping

Use Heating pads only for BioSy applications.
Therapeutic program is personal and cannot be used by other people
Do not make treatments during menstruating for women.
Do not use for women during pregnancy.

Strongly follow BIOSY software guidance
Do not exceed the time of procedure specified in the software instructions for each procedure

Pads specifications:
Dia 2.5cm
Heating temperature: 42 – 43⁰C
Package: 6 pads
Storage temperature: 10-40 ⁰C
Storage time: 3 years
Heating time according software instructions

Sequence of actions in the procedure under on-line software control

Preparing for the procedure:
Click on the picture, watch the movie and localize the point on the skin, in accordance with the recommendations of the program
For example:

For the BioSy methodology, use only the special BioSy heating pads as the source of thermal energy.

Open the case

Take out two pads from the case

Put the pads with small holes on the top on the dry and clean surface

Wait 14-16 minutes

6. Remove the paper cover from the heating device and put a heating pad on the previously localized point

7. After exposure to the first pair of points (if the procedure provided impact on another pair of points) immediately move the same pair of pads to the following pair of points.

Overactive bladder is a name of a group symptoms associated with bladder function.

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a common condition that affects millions. About 30% of all men and more than 40% women are familiar with this disorder.

If you are diagnosed with OAB without organic causes requiring urgent medical attention, you can try to solve or mitigate this problem by synchronizing the body’s systems work by BioSy (Biorhythmic Synchronization Method).

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